1. What..I’m not, like, involved in this

  2. UNSANE - “Scrape” (Official Music Video)

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  3. Artificial waves crash and swimsuit-clad patrons frolic in the strange suburban utopia of World Waterpark in Alberta, Canada.

    Watch Evan Prosofsky’s Directorial Debut here: http://www.nowness.com/day/2013/4/14/2955/shorts-on-sundays—waterpark

  4. name, age and occupation..

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  6. Rising Son | The Legend Of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi | Full Documentary

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  8. Africa

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  10. Sam Cooke-A Change is Gonna Come

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  11. Bastian - You’ve got my love. Still a really fun video.

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  12. Strangely Beautiful Photos Of Belgian Firefighters Covering Riot Police With Foam (via Belgian Firefighters Covering Riot Police With Foam - Business Insider)

  13. MGMT - Your Life Is A Lie

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    Michael Wolf - A Series of Unfortunate Events (2011)

    “Wolf spent literally hundreds of hours at his computer, trolling virtually around the world, looking for anything weird or bizarre that had been captured by the ravenous cameras mounted on the top of Google’s special GPS-coordinated Street View camera vans.

    When he found an image that fit his project, Wolf mounted his own camera in front of his computer screen, cropped the part of the Google image that he wanted, and made his own picture of that picture.

    The final body of work…is completely composed of selected personal calamities (in progress, or about to happen) caught by random chance by the automatic cameras of Google Street View roving vans from around the world — and the results are often quite astonishing and amusing.”

    Jim Casper

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