2. The Tim Ferriss Show: Interview with Peter Thiel, Billionaire Investor and Company Creator

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  4. Nirvana - Lithium (early electric mix). How cool is this?

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  5. Lolz (at Me & My Monkey)


  6. "Dumb Starbucks Coffee On February 7, 2014, a coffee shop entitled “Dumb Starbucks Coffee” opened in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.[7] The shop stated that they were operating as a parody of the global coffee company and coffeehouse chain Starbucks and utilized the chain’s mermaid logo and name in their signage, cups, and other materials.[8] The shop mocked items considered to be standard to many Starbucks locations such as Norah Jones CDs and drinks by using the term “dumb” in front of the names, such as “Dumb Norah Jones Duets” and “Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte”.[8] Beverages and pastries were distributed free of charge.[7] A few days later Starbucks announced that they were not affiliated with the shop and that they were “evaluating next steps” due to the shop deliberately attempting to mimic the look of a traditional Starbucks location.[9] The identity of the person behind the shop was not initially released and various comedians such as Tim & Eric were theorized to be involved with the prank,[10] as their production company Abso Lutely Productions had applied for a filming permit at the Dumb Starbucks Coffee location.[11] On February 10, 2014 the shop was closed by the Los Angeles County Health Department due to it not having the permits required to operate a coffee shop.[12] Shortly thereafter Fielder announced that he was behind the parody and the Los Angeles Times noted the prank’s similarity to other skits performed on Fielder’s show Nathan For You.[13]"
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  10. sadbrazilians:

    "The longer your cry, the stronger I become."

  11. Wayne Coyne is annoying as usual but I can appreciate this.

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  13. Donald Rumsfeld explaining what I already knew I didn’t know.

  14. What..I’m not, like, involved in this

  15. UNSANE - “Scrape” (Official Music Video)

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